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I can do better.
I must do better.

My views can be expressed.
My passion must be strong.

When I am torn and defeated
I will rise to meet the challenges
Take on new roles
Forge new identities
Born through the years
By observing pictures
That flash in front of you
In the form of life reels

We live on a fast moving world
Where love, life and living
Are crammed into a small undetermined number of years
We have the ability to slow it down
To plug into something greater than ourselves

I can continue to grow
I must evolve

Experience that which makes me uncomfortable
Read words that make me cry
Others that make me laugh
Seeing past black and white
Into the glorious Technicolor of humanity

I can no longer sit and watch the ugliness
I must not close my eyes

When truth is born
From the mouths of those who suffer
I will respond
When rights are infringed
I will activate
Never to deviate
From the challenges
Overturning the carts of injustice
Inciting civil and political unrest
If I was to go silent
Practice complacency
Self-censor and harmonize
I would simply stop being a person
And I would start being a fish on a butchers block
Slowly gutted
One scale at a time

So I will march on the streets
My voice will be heard
It will not be deterred or dampened
By those who wish to demoralize, sterilize and paralyze

This is my time
To take the privilege given me
Nurture it
Own it
And use it to change the ocean tides
Guide the righteous
And govern the proud

I can do better
I must do better.


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The World According To L S

So proud of myself!  I’ve practiced everyday for over two weeks with the exception of this past Saturday.  It feels good.  It feels doggone good~ physically and mentally.

It feels good to be consistent and feel my body respond and give just a bit more with each day. Poses are becoming easier and easier and I find myself wanting to discover new poses.

I’ve never been a runner/jogger (though I tried it out for a couple of years).  I’m not a gym nut (though I like the occasional machine).



BUT. I do like yoga (and there are no exceptions to this statement).   I didn’t realize how much I truly missed it and the lifestyle that goes along with it…more conscious eating and care of self.  Seeing not only the union of mind and body but seeing the union of mind/body/spirit and everything else that surrounds us.  It…

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From Nzara with Love


Patient zero
Be patient world
Count the blessings
And count the infections
Overrun and entrenched
Easy to forget
The broad swipe of humanity
Covers many miles
Hides many smiles
And delivers at our doorsteps

We all share
in the tears
of Broken families
Stained with memories
Of red sheets
Bodies in the streets
Courage found in swiftly running feet

It breaks the divisions
Where small shoeless children
Filled with wild superstitions
Run their hands through pockets
Across the red sands
Where one country meets another
And the only sign is the language of another
It rides on planes
Across bodies of water
Expanses once thought to buffer
The protection of space
Now broken with the ease of a long distance runner

The pain is personal now
The fear is tangible
Words spill out of mouths and pages
We make jokes
To hide the anticipation
We are Pavlov’s furry companions
Salivating with the bells of warnings
Whimpering and waiting
In our air condition
Eyes glued
Faces contorted

There is a pain that is real
We hope for connections
We think it helps us understand
We learn their names
Memorize the suburbs and locales
Like an amazing geography lesson
Emboldened and confident
Because we know the capitol
Of a place that frightens us

We pray for those covered by white sheets
Faces hidden behind masks
Facing a monumental task
But it is not without reason
Recycling knowledge
To learn about the future
And as it grows
The tumor of hope shrinks
Like water swirling around the sink

It carries on
Like a wild river

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