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Death of Popcorn


It was a clap of thunder
An unmistakeable change of direction
A curve we didn’t see coming
It was the death of popcorn

Within in seconds
Wrapped in screeching tires
And crumpling metal
We had been reduced to players
Rehearsing lines in a melodrama

Broken brains and bones
Sunsets the color of bruises
Trading in king mattresses
For rented beds and nurses

Collapsing upon the added weight
Each crawled away
Choosing to take small steps
Toward recognizing
This had been the death of popcorn.


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My quick feet
Had failed me
Blows of retribution
What was I fighting for?
Always walking that thin line

Now I was answering for being cavalier
Surrounded by peers

There was a flash of a saint
and the curse of a patronage
her wrath quick
Fist to the meat

I needed to be a survivor
But I was walking on a thin line

Stumbling up
Making a break
Headphones taking the fall
Soundtracks that will not garner an Oscar
But will remain indelibly attached
To muscle shirts
Grass in the teeth
Boots in the stomach
And torn jeans
Labeled as a freak
I ran loose on the streets
Walking a thin line

I was easy to ignore
But what was the fun of that?
Easy targets
You have to take your shot
Would I do it again?
Take a look at my face
I walk a thin line

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Butterfly wings flap
through the air they swing and sweep

Babies nap
And blood oozes from the runners feet

Where callouses develop
and sores heal

that is where we envelop
when we begin to feel

Punching through the insanity
Taking the edge off
and we quickly forget.

Living life through lenses that filter
Removing details
Tossing things we don’t want to know
Into a trash filled with human right abuses

It sleeps deep
Nestled in comfort
Dealt with
Waiting for fickle minds to forget
Never to be inoculated
Growing stronger
In a virtual petri dish of human filth
Until the day when it can escape again
Slipping through the night undetected

For those with hands tied
Bones broken
Minds fragile

For those who are stolen in the night
Families missing fathers
Children watching mothers cry

They sleep with knowledge
That forgetting is a foreign concept

They cry
Whispering their innocence
Through hushed breaths
Desperately wanting a defense
A chance at due process
A chance to escape
The pain
And the anguish
And that small room
That makes it all a reality
Deep down
Nestled and hiding
Escaping the collective conscience
Of those that willingly practice ignorance

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To my beloved Facebook friends:

I am aware that your timeline’s are often hijacked by my passionate pleas. My cries for global unity, equal rights, Human decency, social reform and firm and equal inalienable rights. You have watched from afar as spirited debates rage from within the walls of my Facebook page. You see trigger words and ideographs flashing like Vegas signs begging you to take the next exit and lay down some words of your own. Sometimes it is words that express displeasure. For others it is words of shared agreement. Thank you for doing that.

Debates are a wonderful way of learning about your beliefs Sometimes you walk away feeling like you got muddy and shouldn’t have gone in to play. Other times you are a gold medal winning Toastmaster who has taken the time to get the facts right and presented them in a way you are very happy about.  Thank you for doing that.


Some don’t feel like commenting. They don’t have time or the energy. So they slip on their camouflage, smear eye black on and slip into a hostile camp. The warring sides barely notice as they click the “like” button on a comment. They are now a silent backer offering a comforting hand as a sign of solidarity on the shoulder of the one who crafted such a comment. Thank you for doing that.

I love for new people to drop in. And I anxiously those who frequently love to share their views. There have been times when I have failed my mission and said something that I regretted later. I have gained a lot of new friends. Some share my view of the world and others disagree. But I have also lost a few friends as well. They have reached their fill. For that I am regretful and miss their company. But I still thank you for doing that.


But mostly I feel bad for those that perhaps do not appreciate the intensity and tension gracing their timeline’s. They have other more pressing things in life to worry about. What about my friends that may be suffering and see my debates as frivolous? For those who have thought that, I understand and am sorry.

So why do I do it? I do it because these are things I hold near to my heart. It is not a selfish endeavor. I promise I am not trying to start trouble. But I really do think it is time for us all to have these discussions. The world is at our fingertips. We have the power to change. We need to be able to take a long hard look at where we are as a nation and a planet and really inform ourselves about the issues that shape every aspect of life whether it is culturally, socially or even political. Who we are as a human race depends on it. Our voices have never in our entire future ever had the ability to be as loud as they are now in this present time.

So thank you for sticking with me when I drive you nuts. Thanks for contributing even when it runs counter to my beliefs. You are willing to be my friend even if we sometimes seem to share little in common. This little piece of Facebook is a wonderful and creative outlet for me and I thank you for making that possible.

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