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The Finish Line


At the stop sign I hesitated
There they were again
The older couple
Making their late afternoon walk
They were consistent
They were deliberate
As if on a mission
Running scared from age or health
Or bravely running toward it?

She always lagged behind a bit
But his large hand held hers tight
Pulling her along
Always in the lead
He was the most scared (brave?)
The faster he walked
The longer he lived
He told himself that everyday

And life without love
Is no life at all
So his best friend came by default
Together they would conquer
Defeat and slay
The ravages of time
Live to be great-grandparents
Have their own page in the Guinness Book of World Records

As the quarter hand hit 4:45 every day
He pulled on his faded Members Only jacket
Laced up his orthopedic tennis shoes
And ran the race
Down the same streets
Pass the same houses

They never looked comfortable doing it
Maybe even a little bit uncomfortable
Reminding everyone like me
The ones who took the same drive home
That one day we would be them
A car honked behind me
I let off the brake and slowly rolled through the intersection
They passed on the passenger side
She stumbled ever so slightly as they made the curve
He gave her one glance back
Compassionate eyes
A split second to know she was alright
He gave another tug on her hand
And silently encouraged her to finish the course

They could see the finish line
And they were either running from it
Or toward it
I was just beginning to feel its presence
Somewhere far down the road
But plenty had crossed it
So I knew it was there

We are all running the race
Only difference is some are running toward the finish line
While others are desperately running away from it.


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Oh grant me fucking life,
Teach my mind to distill this chaos into some semblance of sanity.
There is no realty,
I know no ego,
Nor any person who can share these thoughts
With damaged and incomplete,
With souls I would rather devour.

My wisdom is a curse
And intellect a burden to drag my neck
To depths that none can probe.

I am so angry
And incomplete and full of angerhatedisdain.
I want to know none of you
Your scent turns my stomach –
I retch at your face.

I go now to no place.
I go now to a place that is no place,
but none of you is there,
And I do not fret
Over my incompleteness.

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Yeah I Remember That...

Oh yeah, you definitely remember that… at one point Garbage Pail Kids were collected and traded on the black market like cigarettes in a prison yard. Except it was in the elementary school parking lot instead. In case you forgot (or tried to), they actually made a live action movie starring the Garbage Pail Kids. It was just as bad as you might expect, if not worse. We reflect on misguided intentions of the film makers and as usual offer some suggestions for revisions.  This is undoubtedly one of our best podcasts so far. Enjoy!


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