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We are all lost
At one point or another
Wandering through unfamiliar landscapes
Sometimes we know we are lost
Other times we haven’t a clue

Until that one curve in the road
Strikes the gong of panic
The fear is the same
Whether old…. Or young
Fear does not discriminate

There are many ways to lose someone
Death, addiction, kidnapping or estrangement

There are many ways to grieve for the lost
Panic, fear, remorse or guilt

The pain shared
Can at times be very different
Like signals at a railroad crossing
Or flashing red lights at a highway junction

Whether your child is lost in a crowd
Deep within a haze of addiction
Or amongst shattered glass and twisted metal
That loss is the same

You say prayers to reverse your worst fears
You cry the same salty tears
And you search as if you had not a care

The child is fearful
The parent are fearful

Like slipping off a cliff
You grasp for a helping hand
And for a few short moments
You are not sure if your quest
Will be met
Or if you will fall straight into the precipice

Both experience the falling
And both long to be caught
… distraught

Ships lost in the dark
Searching for the shore\light

And a parent lost in the unknown
Where has my child gone?
Is searching for that moment in time
When you first heard their cry

Not all that wander are lost
But not all that are lost
Know they are wandering
But we always do


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