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Mick On Everything

Mad Mike Williamson brilliantly took down true fans already, and pointed out the absurdity of claiming that he isn’t one. His argument, though, is essentially to point out that he has been part of the in crowd at cons for a long time, and had a damn lot of fun doing it.

Not to knock it (or Mike, if you’ve never heard of him Freehold is the jumping off point), but Mike’s post still excludes a lot of us. We have bona fides too, even if con attendance isn’t one of them.

Consider: I was born in 1980. Star Wars was a major part of my childhood. We had toys, lunch boxes, Christmas Specials (that we try to forget), and of course the movies. Everybody my age was a Star Wars fan. In the ‘80s, it was axiomatic.

We grew up with other scifi in our media too. I…

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