Rules for Late Night Urination #56


Stumbling down the hall sleepily
The little boy needs a 2am release
Stumbling down the hall sleepily
Me, the father providing escort, does as well

We giggle in the dark
Affectionately enjoying being two
We are late night jokers
Midnight marauders
In a house full of sleeping bodies
Meeting in the dark house
As we have done many times
In his six years

But some late night decisions
Aren’t always thought out
Crossing streams
Making sword noises
In the dim glow of the night light
While wearing flip flops
May be one of them
Because it only results in misaimed guidance
And wet toes

But we laughed all the same
I carried him back to bed
His small hand patting my back
Lips against my cheek
My arms wrapped around his tiny frame
That trembles slightly
With hushed giggles
In this moment
I hope to break this rule again very soon


One thought on “Rules for Late Night Urination #56

  1. That was precious and touching. I giggled and reading this made me very happy. It sounds strange but times like these described are the the foundations of a happy soul.

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