Hello Dan’l Webster


Cabins shaded by Dawn Redwoods
Leafy roadways shadowed by Elms
From countries of foreign tongues
To airplanes where we slept
Forest City unfolded in front of us
The land of Finger Lakes, alluvial flood plains and gorges

It was there among the conifer forests
I found a stillness
A wet earthy smell
Wrapping its arms around me

I trotted across invisible boundaries
Set arbitrarily by those who wished
To instill safety into my existence
But safety offered no reward
Eyes could only see so far
And the unknown lay in front of me
Like a dark curtain closed across a stage
And I wanted the show to begin

Amphibious wonders
Crawling across the bright green moss
Hiding under the fern fronds
Fragile as newborn babies
Just born from the cool waters
Of the ponds and puddles

I collected them with care
And in my gently closed fists
They congregated and awaited inspection
My very own Dan’l Webster and Mr. Toad

Crossing back into the asylum that had been created
I am detected
By the gate keeper
Who had noticed my disappearance and alerted the guard
Ushered inside
I accepted my punishment
It was an acceptable risk
That I had taken on
And now I would pay the piper

For punishment is fleeting
But what my eyes had seen
My nose smelled
Hands held
And the unknown lands my feet had touched
Were memories I would keep
And fondly remember
For the rest of my long life


2 thoughts on “Hello Dan’l Webster

  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a precious moment in time. I’m delighted and thrilled you remembered and wrote this. It made me giggle and shed a tear at the same time. I loved you then as our little boy and I love you now even more. How can that be since I loved you beyond words then!!

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