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Snoqualmie Pass
Sleeping angels in the rearview
And it’s the light in her eyes that makes me warm
Watching the snowcaps
Bristling with massive pines

We hold hands
And follow each other
Letting our finger tips touch
And I turned the wheel slightly to the left
Coming down through another valley

Ten years
The mountains still majestic
Lakes just as cold
Static and comforting
She fills up my senses
Like a night in a forest
Together we have experienced
The tectonic shifts of our life’s crust
Where new life and love grows

We listen to the music of the mountains
They’re a promise of the future
One where we are always together


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Fear checks in
Takes the best room in the hotel
And slams doors as you try to sleep

Fear is a weapon
Firing bullets of mistrust
Creating outlines of conspiracy theories
In the sides of our homes

Fear is the shadows
That creep out from the corners
And take the shape
Of evil

Fear feeds off us
Leaving little but bone
It is a driver of all things human

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God’s Acre


Black history dies in neglected cemeteries
Dirt and marble examples
Of divisions
The color of neglect

Crumbling memories and monuments
Slipping away
Like the legacy
Of those that reside a few feet underneath

God’s acre dotting the South
Hiding in plain sight of the modern world
Passing within sight
Never noticing the past
Dreamily existing in peaceful glades

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We Are Quasars, We Are Human


We are Quasars
Exploding in an instant
Hearts and minds colliding
Sending gamma rays across the universe
Of our lifetimes

We are hot and fierce
Screaming life from our throats
All while slowly sinking back into the soil
From where we came

We are galactic nuclei
Burning with such stunning intensity
That we can blind our own existence
Illuminating humanity

Fluid and mercurial
Lost in the instinctual migration
Of the beating heart

The recognition that life is not black and white
It is a broad spectrum of colors
That blasts across the sky
In monochromatic waves

We have the ability to connect
In ways that are boundless and prodigious

We are the white light
That burns brighter than everything else around it
We are the center of our own galaxies
The beauty in our demise
Becoming breathtaking acts of selfishness
Hoping to transcend
We are human

We are Quasars
Blinking out in an instant
We are human

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It should have been
A celebration
Of life
We radiated with hope
Invigorated at the direction
Of the refreshing course
Guided by sails full of wind
We talked about the next 4 years
How the invisible
Would continue to reap
Untold benefits
The disenfranchised
Slowly gaining a voice
In our lifetimes
Such a mission
Had never been undertaken
Our life long belief systems
Were being put into action

Suddenly there was a murder
A brutal execution
Our Titanic had hit an iceberg
The band played on
While we stumbled
Out the door
Unable to look each other in the eyes
What we had witnessed

The morning after
Came the shifty uneasiness
As light sensitive eyes
In a dark room
Tried to see the news
I sat on the bedside
For possibilities
That what I had witnessed
And reversed course overnight

Heart wrenching
Lost without a map
Stripped naked
Wandering into hostile territory
With no weapons

All the implications
Spirit crushing
We couldn’t even begin to list
All the ramifications
The entitled
Had regained their throne

Then came the anger
Burning fiercely
Hot and laser focused
For bullies
That successfully perpetrate
Grand schemes of aggressive domination
For misogyny and gender discrimination
That is proudly pulsing with vulgarity
Unabashedly accepted as the norm
For racism and bigotry
That turns inward
And pretends to be a virtue to its holder
Ignorance disguised as wisdom

We are bitter about a voice
That was not louder than hate
Words that fell in battle
When facing down repugnant rhetoric
Watching maps run red with blood
While others tell us
To accept and move on
Learn to get along

And then I am brought to my knees
Sleepy kids
Sipping milk from cereal bowls
Asking questions
In the early morning light
How did this happen?
Will we be packing and leaving?
My eyes dead
With reflections of last night’s numbers
Etched forever
I have no answers
The future just a cold void
I have no reassurances
Just an awareness that I had lied to them
Deceived them
Made them think that the world
-The only one they had ever known-
Was not inherently
Populated by the unpleasant foul odor
Of those that had crawled out of the shadows
It was difficult
To even explain
That they would be safe
To assure them the country would survive
I had no plan
Only hugs and sad shoulders

On the drive
Into work
The process of ratiocination began
Flipping the last decade
From back to front
This had not been the destination
For which I had been running
Was change still possible?
Would all the steps that had been taken
Be nullified?
Was good still possible
In a place where the unsympathetic lived?
Could we still make a difference?
Was there still a place left for us?
In this inhospitable environment
Could the damage be mitigated?
Could the wounds inflected
Be staunched?
The questions kept coming
And the answers kept hiding
Or simply didn’t exist for me
How could I possibly
Reconcile my fear and anger
Toward those I work with
The family I was born into
And friends I had made
All who had chosen
Practicing self-indulgence
While callously overlooking
Even ignoring
Basic tenets of decency
Toward their fellow man
Then somehow arriving at a point
Where they accepted
Deep seeded judgements
And categorized human beings
Putting their own needs
Above others
Because they were content
With a President
That represented only their best interests
Because of the color of their skin
And the God they prayed to

Had it all just been a wonderful experiment
That had a violent chemical reaction?

The loss hurts
The pain fathomless
Losing hope
Is like dying
As you watch everything you care about
Fought so hard for
Get shoved into a room
Where an axe carrying maniac
Chopping at the door
Tries to get it
Hell bent on ending
Humankinds best intentions
The best we had to offer
The cosmic letdown
In ourselves
Because we could not
Despite our best efforts
Continue to push forward
Those who suffer
We have failed ourselves
Our children
The world

This is about two countries
Who are trying to coexist
Both strive for a very different world
One through lenses of diversity and inclusivity
Building bridges and breaking ceilings
The other utilizing
A militarized hostile citizenry
To promote overt racism
Hostility toward minorities
And uses religion as a weapon

We now work with broken wings
And black eyes
Starting all over
Cupping the flames of faith
With one hand
While digging out
From under the mountain
With the other
Beaten and bruised
Faced with a nation
That no longer works for everyone
A land where
Undesirables roam
With their fascist leader
Carrying the charge
But we must start again
There are those that count on us
The kids eating their cereal
In the early morning light
Who need to feel safe
And to grow up
Knowing what diversity and inclusivity means

Daughters who are told they could be anything
Only to see misogynistic men
Deny them that right

Sons who need examples
Of men dedicated to families
Promoting love, honesty and humbleness
While improving their community and country

Women given the chance
To start families, be mothers
All while being paid fairly

Those who choose to love
The ones they fall in love with
Dress how they feel
Be the person God created
Without fear of discrimination

Minorities who work decades
With no retirement or medical plans

Immigrants trying to find a place to live
Where gangs, regimes, wars and bombs
Don’t destroy families

When the clouds
Park over your head
The rain doesn’t seem to quit
You feel as if your voice doesn’t count
Change is rarely ever instant
It has to cook
In a pot
That you tend to lovingly
For years
Making small improvements
Adding the right ingredients
Until one day
You see it was all worth it
The crying must stop
Sadness rung out of the dirty sponge
We must start prioritizing
Allowing even the quietest of voices
To combine with others
Becoming the horns of Jericho
Bringing down the walls of injustice

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