We Are Quasars, We Are Human


We are Quasars
Exploding in an instant
Hearts and minds colliding
Sending gamma rays across the universe
Of our lifetimes

We are hot and fierce
Screaming life from our throats
All while slowly sinking back into the soil
From where we came

We are galactic nuclei
Burning with such stunning intensity
That we can blind our own existence
Illuminating humanity

Fluid and mercurial
Lost in the instinctual migration
Of the beating heart

The recognition that life is not black and white
It is a broad spectrum of colors
That blasts across the sky
In monochromatic waves

We have the ability to connect
In ways that are boundless and prodigious

We are the white light
That burns brighter than everything else around it
We are the center of our own galaxies
The beauty in our demise
Becoming breathtaking acts of selfishness
Hoping to transcend
We are human

We are Quasars
Blinking out in an instant
We are human


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