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Only once or twice in your lifetime
Will you experience snow
When living between the gulf waters
And the slow rise of the hill country

Only once or twice in your lifetime
Will you experience the loss
Of a grandfather

The slow fading out
Into a white wintery wonderland
Blinking and then gone

The loss of kisses
That come in the form
Of rough unshaven faces
That scratch at soft new skin

Never waking up in the early dark hours
To watch him smoke his morning cigarette
While he eats cereal
And reads the newspaper
Before heading out to work
Hair slick with pomade

Never driving to the hardware store
While listening to a Floyd Cramer 8 track
Admiring his coveralls
And crisp white t-shirts
While taking rides through the sky
Looking down on the Chinese gardens

Deeply inhaling
Into candle molds
Savoring the smells
Of old world hobbies

Adirondack chairs
Watermelon served from metal tubs of ice
Morning glories and white latticework
Vintage stereo consoles
And buttered bread

16 inches of snow
And he leaves
And I only got 10 years
But I carry so much of him with me
Even 30 years later


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