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I Envy the Storms


I envy the storms
With their ability to rage
Without consequences
To get angry
Without guilt
And destroy
With no remorse

I envy its ability to crawl across the landscape
Raining down
Before moving on unheeded

No one questions its intentions
It acts without resentment
Lost in the moment
Created by volatile forces
In the upper atmosphere
And there is nothing to hold it back

Neither self-control nor breathing techniques
Or fear of ramifications
Quell its thirst for expression

You get to see it’s intensity build
Into a furious mess
Not with an unexpected explosion
Of heated cloudy emotions
It is contemplative
Full of veiled threats

I am bound by the physiology of anger
And the fear of reprisal
I am left dealing with the clean up
The rebuilding of beaches and bridges destroyed
Friendships unshackled and set adrift

I envy the storms



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