Long and Wide


Long and wide
The trailer was home

Sometimes sitting by itself
Among corn fields and goats
And other times on dusty plots
Where dead grass crunched underfoot

Inside were couches with knitted blankets
Draped across their backs
If you inhaled deeply into them
The smell was familiar
And whispered “home”
The rifle hung heroically
Above the doorway
Protection against armadillos
That preyed on trash barrels
And hallways were lined with plastic
A barrier against mud
Carried in on the bottoms
Of childrens shoes
The doors hollow and light
They lightly clicked when they closed
And carried no weight

Laughter would fill the kitchen
As we sat on bar stools
Eating from plates of green beans with bits of bacon
Cornbread and baked chicken
On raised counter tops

After dinner
We would gather around the television
That sat on the carpeted ground
Encased in wood
And with popcorn bowls in hand
We would watch the nights featured TV movie

One room used to belong
To a gentle soul
Who collected ball caps
Gave tractor rides
And pledged allegiance to Pride, Cash and Husky
We would gather around the green player
Dropping the needle down on long plays
But he had moved on
And the room became just a memory of him

Sidewalks that led from the porch
Contained hands that never grew
Pushed deep into the liquid concrete
As fathers and sons kneeled together
Under the shadow of a rotating mixer
And in the wooden building
That sat like a close friend
To the side of the trailer
The craftsman would slowly reveal
The final product of his design
Utilized jigsaws and planers

Long and wide
The trailer was home


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